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Unfreezing Organizations In The Transformation Age

Simplify and Accelerate Your Results
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“We Help Executives Break Through Barriers to Superior Performance.”

“Do you lose sleep at night thinking about
how to create more value, or how to
improve or transform your organization?”

“Are you looking for innovative ways
of doing business to replace old,
outdated ones?”

If you feel stuck … or there are places in your organization where you feel frozen … we can help you unfreeze your organization and break through the barriers to superior performance.

The WSA Difference

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With over 25 years of corporate experience and a seasoned team of senior level consultants, we provide a proven track record for helping executives energize and convert human potential into high performance results.

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Our Values

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At Work Systems Canada, our engagements represents a partnership rather than an assignment. We focus on sharing our ability to help rapidly improve your organization’s performance within the context of our core values.

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Our Approach

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Our approach is different than what you typically see from a business consulting firm. We focus on developing your own employees to provide the leadership and expertise needed to drive successful organizational change.

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Helping Your Organization Win In A Faster Changing World

One of the thought leaders we follow very closely is noted author and former Harvard professor Dr. John Kotter. In this video, Dr. Kotter explains why the business world is different today and how these differences impact how organizations can continue to improve to keep up in a faster moving world. His ideas are aligned with our own and reflective of the philosophy we have continued to develop and extend.

Building off of Dr. Kotter’s ideas, Work Systems Associates Canada has developed an organizational transformation methodology that works … and that you can implement with far less risk and effort than you might imagine.

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