Detailed Video Review – Work Systems 5D Framework

performance culture - photoAs the business environment demands that organizations excel at change, your competitive challenge becomes more and more about who can get better faster.

In today’s competitive business environment, improving slowly often means failure because you are unable to keep pace with your competition.

Getting better faster requires a reliable and profitable system that will unleash a substantial percentage of your work force in driving performance gain.

For organizations that are determined to achieve the depth of transformation required to remain competitive today, Work Systems has developed a framework composed of five critical dimensions that simplify performance acceleration.

We call it the 5Dimensional Framework.

Building a Performance Culture

In our experience, the 5D Framework is enables organizations to build a performance culture which becomes your sustainable competitive advantage in a world where the only constant is change.

Video Overview of Work Systems’ 5Dimensional Framework

Hosted by Howard Corbett, the following video presentation provides a thorough preamble to and overview of our 5D Framework. It has a total running time of 25:41.