Discipline of Innovation – A Thought Provoking Article

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We came across a thought provoking article on the HBR Blog that talks about the discipline of innovation.

We came across an article by Tim Kastelle over on the HBR Blog in which he discusses the discipline of innovation.

Tim’s article provides some really good insight about what it really takes to build a culture of sustainable innovation and how most organizations fall into the trap of putting most of their focus on the easy part of the process — generating ideas — yet fail at execution.

Why is that?

Might it be because the more difficult aspect of innovation is building a process by which to select the best ones and to execute them?

From what we’re seeing and hearing, that’s the certainly the gap that seems to exist in most organizations struggling with change.

The Discipline of Innovation

Below is a very brief excerpt from Tim Kastelle’s post on the HRB Blog. We’ve excerpted this part because it speaks to one of the key issues we encounter repeatedly when working with our clients: that the conventional organization hierarchy is ill-suited to support sustainable innovation.

We strongly encourage you to read the full article.

“The research shows that to motivate work built on creativity, people need autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The problem here is that it is a lot easier to offer a $10,000 prize than it is to design work so that people have autonomy, mastery and purpose. That requires an entirely new approach to management for most organizations. This is why many innovation initiatives fail – managers simply try to bolt an innovation initiative onto an existing business model that is ill-suited to innovating. If you want to start thinking about how to make changes in this area, answer this question: what would I do differently if everyone reporting to me were a volunteer?”

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