What is Organizational Health – Patrick Lencioni Video

What is a healthy organization?

As he describes in this video, according to business management author and speaker Patrick Lencioni, a healthy organization has the following traits:

  • Minimal politics
  • Minimal confusion
  • High degree of morale
  • High degree of productivity
  • People come to work excited to get things done
  • People get a lot of things done in a short period of time
  • Very low turnover among good people

Why Does Organizational Health Matter?

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As Lencioni points out, creating a healthy environment, enables your organization to tap into and harness the incredible intelligence available to you.

In our experience, that’s because a healthy organization has a culture that addresses the four key barriers to exceptional performance which exist in any organization. These 4 barriers to performance are:

  1. Attitude
  2. Work Environment
  3. Process
  4. Systems

A healthy organization is one in which there is an appropriate balance of autonomy and knowledge throughout your organization which both enables and permits your people to address the performance barriers that are present.

What are the traits you look for and that tell you whether or not you have a of a healthy organization?

“The health of an organization is the multiplier of its intelligence.”

– Patrick Lencioni

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