Why Performance Acceleration is Needed

In this video, we explain why performance acceleration is needed within an organization as well as some of the changes in structure required in order to achieve the pace of organization change required to stay competitive.

One of the things we’ve discovered is that, as organizations excel at change, the competitive challenge becomes more and more about who can get better faster. Improving slowly often means failure.

Watch the video now to discover what we mean by that.

Performance Acceleration – Why Is It Needed?


What Allows You to Get Better Faster?

performance acceleration - photoWe believe there are three things allow you and your organization to get better faster:

1. Change Acceleration
2. Competency Acceleration
3. Innovation Acceleration

As discussed in the video, getting better is an ignored discipline in most organizations … yet it only requires you to focus 5% to 10% of your time to accomplish.

Urgency Matters

The urgency to change within an organization can be framed within 3 different performance contexts: whether your organization is in growth, decline, or steady state. In all three circumstances there is an urgency for change that may not always be readily apparent.

The challenge is creating the urgency for change, but also to ensure the perceived need for change does not become a demotivator that builds fear.

We believe there are 5 things that fundamentally matter for creating performance acceleration in your organization:

1. Organizational Health
2. Adaptability
3. Ownership
4. Collective Intelligence
5. Development Pace

For organizations determined to achieve the depth of transformation required to remain competitive today, Work Systems has developed a framework composed of five critical dimensions that simplify performance acceleration. We call it the 5Dimensional Framework and it is a framework that enables your organization to accelerate your performance.

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