Work Systems Associates – Our Approach

The Work Systems Associates approach to improving organizational performance is not what you typically find at most organizations — and certainly not what you typically see from a business consulting firm.

Work Systems Associates utilizes processes and methodologies that have been tested and validated through 32 years of experience guiding organizational development work in multiple countries.

Work Systems Associates Canada has accumulated of a broad set of proven
methodologies, systems and tools. The quality of these methodologies enables
Work Systems to substantially and rapidly enhance your organization’s capacity
to get better performance from your people.”

Our Approach – Key Engagement Principles

The following provides detail of key principles behind our approach to engagements.

Data Driven

“What gets measured gets managed” is our watchword. Collecting data is foundation to good strategy and planning. When looking to improve the human side of your enterprise, measures are needed to accurately understand what needs improving. Measures can also be used to identify if improvements have taken place. Work Systems Associates has a unique tool in the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) which enables us to measure both the starting point and progress as your organization develops. The OHA is based on extensive research to validate which measures are important and that we are measuring in a way which provides accurate information. It provides an accurate “snapshot’ of your company or department at a point in time. Similar to an MRI it enables your organization to fully understand the human side of its enterprise, what is enabling performance, and what is blocking it.

Systems Thinking

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At Work Systems Associates, teamwork — and leveraging the strength of your own people — is one of the pillars of our approach

Organizations are complex “Systems” comprised of interrelated and interdependent parts. Attacking symptoms is futile until the “cause” is identified. We try to find the systemic cause of the results — good and bad -– that your organization is producing. Once these root causes are determined, we then jointly create solutions that fundamentally solve the problem or redesign the System to produce the desired results. The ability to view organizations as systems provides an ability to solve problems that cannot be solved any other way. When we finish a project, your organization’s capacity for systems thinking will have normally been substantially improved.

Client Partnering

Without establishing a relationship of trust we cannot begin to help you achieve improved performance. We create common goals and joint accountability for your success. We strive to see your world through your eyes while, at the same time, bringing a balanced, outside, intendment perspective. In short; we do it with you not to you.

Competence and Independence

No one knows your business better than you and we appreciate this fact. Our aim is to guide your change process — not to run it for you. We have developed extensive training modules to pass on our consultant capability to your staff to minimize your dependence on outside consultants while expanding the capability of your organization.

Customized, Pragmatic Solutions

We have many validated tools, models, and approaches plus real-world experience to bring to the table. However, it is the spirit of innovation and pragmatism that guarantees that we co-create the best solutions together. We don’t bore you with the theoretical. We aim to delight you with the practical.

Logical Phased Solutions

There is a finite window of opportunity for almost every initiative, beyond which the impact and effectiveness of a solution starts to decline. Our approach is to help create logical, phased solutions that are structured to ensure rapid and adaptable implementation. In focusing on the elements of change that can be achieved most rapidly and that will have the highest impact, our goal is to create significant success early in change initiatives to help build the momentum, provide a “jolt” of energy and enthusiasm, and cement the commitment necessary to produce success in the more difficult areas of change.

Measurable, Predictable, Repeatable Results

Using a unique combination of assessment tools and methodologies, we document the current and future state of your organization and the factors that create change. The result is scalable, adaptable, sustainable and aligned with your business model and strategy.