Strategic Planning That Gets Results

An Approach to Strategic Planning that Emphasizes Leadership as the Foundation of Effective Planning

work systems strategic planning - graphic
In our experience, the complexity of the strategic planning initiatives your organization can effectively undertake is determined by:

  • Your executive team’s leadership ability
  • Your organization’s capacity to respond and change

This is why our approach to strategic planning includes a focus on developing these two key elements.

The chart to the right shows the Work Systems model for strategic planning.

As we guide you through the stategic planning process, our model focuses attention on your Customers (red) and Processes (blue) which weave their way throughout.

The three key leadership elements are Vision, Alignment and Deployment.

Organizations that perform well in these areas have developed work systems to ensure these factors are effectively addressed within the organization.

As you are contemplating significant changes, an effective organization diagnostic system helps your executive team understand what other actions need to be taken to enable these three elements to be properly addressed … and can become a key input to the strategic planning process.

We believe your strategic plan must include the organizational development elements critical to successful strategy implementation.

This of course provides a natural linkage to our Organizational Health Assessment system, which helps you specifically identify those areas that require attention.

Interested in Learning More About our Strategic Planning Theme?

At WSA Canada, our seasoned team of executive-level consultants works with you and your executive team to custom craft the strategic planning process around the needs of your team and organization.

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