Meet the Work Systems Associates Senior Team

Work Systems Associates has a team of seasoned senior business consultants with a diverse range of experience and expertise.

howard corbett work systems associates - photoHoward Corbett, President & CEO

Howard has over 40 years experience as an entrepreneur starting half a dozen plus businesses some of which became recognized leaders within their industries. His association with Work Systems Associates began in 1990. Attracted by the company’s unique approach to real-time problem solving, Howard opened up the Canadian branch. Within 2 years he had developed a million dollar plus consulting practice. Howard excels at out of the box thinking and seeing opportunities that escape the majority. His ability to make sense of complex issues, provides a unique role as a member of the consulting team. Besides work in the management development field he has been an advocate of using teamwork as a leadership model and spent time understanding the dynamics of teams.

richard jones work systems associates - photo

Richard Jones, P.Eng, Vice-President Consulting Practices

Richard has nearly 25 years experience delivering transformational management, team building and strategic planning solutions to companies in Europe, Asia and North America. Richard offers his clients a unique combination of real-world business experience and strong consultative skills. His extensive experience and ability to quickly size up a situation and leverage this knowledge has enabled him to build successful teams on projects in nine countries on three continents. Richard has worked with many types of teams from, executive management and supervisory teams to Red teams and project or problem solving teams. Often team members have been from different companies and from different countries joining together in a remote part of the world to complete a single half billion dollar plus project.

robert mark chislett work systems associates - photo

Robert Mark Chislett, Vice-President Business Development

Robert has over 35 years experience specializing in business growth and development across a wide variety of industries. He has a proven track record of delivering aggressive revenue gains, operational enhancements, and innovations. Robert has strong executive-level leadership expertise for national businesses and proven ability to lead diverse teams to achieve established targets. He was responsible for $180 million in annual sales as Director of Sales with one of the world’s largest beverage companies and doubled top line performance over 4 years a the Chief Operating Officer for a private investment firm. Robert has cultivated and maintained effective relationships with many key industry players, and has developed strong corporate partnerships.

warren wojnowski work systems associates - headshot

Warren Wojnowski, Vice-President Client Delivery

Warren has over 30 years of business experience, including 25 years within the financial services industry. Over the course of his career, he has been involved in over 14 different transformation projects, including two corporate acquisitions. Warren brings a unique blend of strategic planning, project management and operational management experience. He has held executive-level operational responsibility within two of the largest financial services organizations in Canada. He has also served as business and/or executive sponsor for several significant strategic projects with budgets well into the tens of millions of dollars. Warren is a practiced business leader, facilitator, strategic thinker, and Intrinsic Coach® who is able to provide a wide breadth of consultative support.

dr lana adeleye-olusae work systems associates - photo

Dr. Lana Adeleye-Olusae, Practice Leader Human Capital Management & Coaching

Dr. Lana has over 25 years of experience in providing consulting, training and coaching services in service, manufacturing, food production and not-for-profit sectors. He understands and speaks the language of various professionals. He is skilled in offering management solutions that support achievement of organizational goals. He works collaboratively with clients to improve and transform existing processes. Dr. Lana is a skilled designer, developer and facilitator of workshops and seminars. He enjoys executive and managerial coaching as lives of individuals being coached are changed for the better and subsequently their organizations.