Work Systems Associates – Our Values

At Work Systems Associates, we are different. We don’t believe in cook-cutter approaches, but rather believe in always always providing fresh, unique solutions that make specific sense for you.

At WSA Canada, we understand that the needs of each client and each engagement are different. We leverage our team, our knowledge and our experience to remain flexible and tailor our approach to each project. We do that within the context of our core values, which are as follows:

Commitment to a strong and collaborative client working partnership

wsa values - photo

At Work Systems Associates, our values are based around our belief in building collaborative partnerships.

We ensure a clear understanding between our clients and ourselves. This starts with the requirements to be satisfied and does not end till you are satisfied. We work with your organization and quickly adapt to your particular needs and situations to ensure the highest level of success. We believe in doing it with you – not doing it to you.

Have the right people performing the work

As an organization, our employment philosophy is to ensure our associates have a combination of executive front-line experience and full command of current management theory. This enables WSA Canada’s consultants to provide services that set the standard for senior management consultants. Creativity, cleverness and a large helping of street smarts to help clients achieve the results they expect.

Independence and objectivity

Our work is clearly defined and defensible to our clients. We are committed to providing straightforward and candid feedback even in the face of disagreement. We will be viewed as independent and objective, both internally and externally.

Commitment to detail and thoroughness

We will provide our clients with the best available research and accurate information from which to make informed decisions. We will commit to the highest standards of service and quality and communicate clearly on the work to be completed.

Measure quality and client satisfaction

WSA Canada measures progress throughout the engagement process. We believe there is no higher value than exceeding the expectations of each client. At defined points in the project we meet sponsors and confirm the project is on track. At completion of the engagement, we will hold a project wrap up meeting to confirm client satisfaction.


All project related documentation and electronic files are appropriately safeguarded and password protected. Simply put, we keep our word and what we hear is kept is strict confidence.