Work Systems Associates Canada New Website

Work Systems Associates Canada is pleased to announce that its new website is now live.

We’ve updated the look and reorganized things to make it easier for you to find our executive briefings and other information by us and about us that you’re after. Going forward we will be sharing new and important archived articles that are meant to stimulate your thinking. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you are notified whenever we post new content.

Originally founded by Dr. Harold Resnick, Work Systems Associates Inc. was formed in 1980. Hal Resnick was a professor at Boston University and a pioneer in the then emerging science of Organizational Development. Based in the greater Boston area (one of the great leadership and management education centers of the world) WSA was able to take advantage of this environment and adapt leading management theory to practical applications, thereby making clients much more effective in the process.

From the start, one of the foundational pillars upon which Work Systems Associates focused was how to use training as a tool to achieve real, lasting behavior change. Our WSA methodology was built on the premise that it is easier to behave your way to thinking differently than it is to think your way to behaving differently.

Work Systems Associates Canada had it’s beginnings in 1991 when a Canadian extension of Work Systems Associates Inc. was established in Winnipeg, MB Canada. Today Work Systems Associates Canada functions as an independent consulting organization with consulting practices and experience deeply rooted in the WSA approach established by Dr. Harold Resnick.

Today, Work Systems Associates Canada has assembled an exceptional, seasoned team with a breadth of expertise and experience that spans a wide range of industries and organizations of all sizes.